First, We Explore


You go first.

Take us on a listening tour. Tell us your hopes, your dreams, your work style, your successes, your frustrations, your goals, and your business plans. 

Introduce us to your employees, let us listen to them and their stories--together we will get ready to take the next step.

We begin to synthesize and organize what we hear into the Articulated Problems, or APs for short, which serve as a helpful lead in to preparing for change, which begins during The Hike...  

The Process to get things done

The Hike


We will explore your ambitions and meet with your stakeholders to develop a plan for The Retreat

The Retreat


We will get everyone in a cabin (or your office) to align and workshop your Business, Experience, and Brand

The Summit


We will recommend a clear action plan - including roles and responsibilities - to help bring the ideas to life