A Marketing Insights Advisory

A Better Advisory Model...

To bring sophisticated consulting to Marketing leaders, we had to bring down the cost and increase the speed. 

That meant reinventing the existing consultancy model to be leaner and faster. We don't have an office, full time employees, financial pressure, or an ego.

...focused on Time-to-Value...

We understand the simplicity is key - that it can be easy to chase ideas but that often the easiest solution wins. 

We are obsessed with finding the articulated problems, or what we call APs, as a method to find focus. We are obsessed solving the APs with a focus on ease of use, simplicity, and minimal effort. 

Understanding the APs, which leads to an elegant and simple solution, will create an amazing user experience, customer experience, and brand.

...to Help Marketers

We believe that the future of Marketing and Communications is up to Brand, Agency, and Technologists strategic development and usage of technology 

We are a network of experienced Marketing & Communications agency experts that are dedicated to helping every party to succeed.

Jeff Melton


Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder

Jeff is passionate about using new processes and emerging technologies as the guiding approach for sophisticated, innovative insight and strategy design. As a marketing insights designer and management consultant, Jeff has advised marketing leaders on how to approach different problems and opportunities by inventing, optimizing, operationalizing new approaches. It’s because of Jeff’s appreciation for vision, integration, rigor, and process that he considers himself to be a curious, entrepreneurial business consultant first and an innovative, creative marketing analyst  second.

Jeff understands the value of each marketing and communications discipline because he has led departments related to the many interdependent, fast-moving needs in the field of marketing. He has solved emerging client problems by developing new services and products while leading departments in insights (measurement & research), planning, paid media, earned media, shared media, community management, as well as emerging media.

Jeff understands the power of an inspiring company mission, vision, and values in motivating and attracting top talent and clients. He understands that leaderships’ ability to communicate the vision and enhance team dynamics will make or break an organization’s ability to achieve said vision. Jeff understands different corporate political climates as he has worked at domestic as well as global levels and in many different marketing categories.

Jeff was named to PR Week's 40 under 40 in 2015.